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About PressGold Team


I am Mohsin with my web development and web promotion team from WarMarks. We are excited to launch PressGold,  A Fully dedicated team and site for our favorite CMS WordPress.

Why WordPress & Why PressGold

We are website development team who have just fallen in love with WordPress! We have developed custom PHP websites, static websites, websites based on Joomla and Drupal as our clients have asked for. But making websites was great in WordPress that both our programmers and our clients equally loved the websites powered by powerful WordPress platform.

WordPress started as blogging platform but now it has way more to offer like any world class open source CMS. At PressGold our focus to make WordPress website for our clients by keeping mind SECURITY, SEO, SPEED & STABILITY.

Time to time our developers release specific reports and detailed how to guides for anybody using wordpress to manage their online presence and businesses.

Checkout our WordPress Specific Services Here.

Also checkout our Store for WordPress premium products & guides you can order.

If you have anything you want to accomplish with WordPress, contact us and sure we can help you with this. You do not have to spend hours of Googling and trying to fix or tweak WordPress when you can you simply outsource that to WordPress professionals.

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients:

Hi Mohsin,
You’re a magician!
I worked for days trying to make the changes that you took care of in minutes! In this business, time is money, and you save me with everything you help me with.
I would gladly pay double what you charge-specially because you have a whole team of mart, dedicated technical staff to help with any problem that comes up- but your prices remain extremely reasonable.
You’re my new “secret weapon”!
Thanks Mohsin, I’ll recommend your service (IMO Center – Currently WarMarks) to anyone who will listen!
Brian McElroy

“Hi Mohsin,I love what you did for my site! I spent months worrying about having to turn my 50+ page site into a blog myself.
That was before a good friend recommended your services to me and boy was he right! It’s been a pleasure to work with you and I’m amazed at how nice the new blog site looks. Best of all, your team transformed it much faster than I ever could have done myself.

Much thanks,

Mike Humphreys” – MarketYourCopy.com