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WordPress Services

We can help you with anything you need to be done with WordPress. Just let’s know what you want and we will be back with quote and turn around time estimates within 12 hours. You can contact us here.

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Standard WordPress Services
To give you idea of various services we can do when it comes to WordPress, checkout following services:

WordPressStarter (Install & Setup & Settings)

In this package we can help you get started with WordPress. We will install, setup and tune the WordPress settings to have most optimized and best settings for SEO and other uses.
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WordPressDesign – Custom Theme

We can help you design custom theme for your wordpress site. We can transform your static site’s design into wordpress custom theme. For your own custom theme look & feel we can help.
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WordPressSecurity – We Secure It

WordPress Security – Let’ secure it before it is too late. There are many sites being hacked daily, do not let this happen to your business. We can help you secure your site today.
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WordPressFunctionality – Custom Plugin/Widget/Feature

WordPress Functionality – Any functionality you want to add into your site, custom plugins, and custom widgets. Is there anything you want to be done, tweaked or customized on your own WordPress site, we can help you with.   Get Free Quote


WordPress Consulting- you deciding between two solutions, or direction, we can help you with this…We can help you decide best hosting service, and domain registrar for you.
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Updates, Adding any content or image or salespage you want too..We can provide this service ongoing basis so you do not have to worry about any technical stuff anymore.

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